Samuel Kinuthia


As an ISOC Trustee for the Kenya chapter, I bring extensive expertise as an experienced IP network and cybersecurity professional with over a decade of hands-on experience. My unwavering passion lies in talent development, capacity building, and fostering strong partnerships and collaborations within the industry. With a robust technical background and a wealth of expertise, I have garnered widespread recognition in my field. Driven by a strong belief in knowledge sharing and community involvement, I actively participate in various initiatives.

I have been part of ICANN72 and ICANN74 fellowships, and have contributed my expertise to influential working groups within ICANN such as the User Acceptance Technology Working Group, User Acceptance Communication Working Group, and At-Large Advisory Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement. My dedication extends to AFRALO, where I actively contribute as a pen holder, shaping key Afralo statements. Additionally, my role as an essential member of the Huawei ICT Academy management board has provided me with a platform to passionately contribute to talent building in Kenya. At Zetech University, I hold a pivotal role as the Head of the Center for Certifications. In this capacity, I actively nurture talents and spearhead initiatives at the university's Innovation Center (IZET-HUB), fostering an environment of innovative thinking. Having traveled extensively and participated in workshops and forums held across diverse locations, including Rwanda, South Africa, China, and the Netherlands, I possess a global perspective that enriches my understanding of the industry's challenges and opportunities worldwide. My exceptional accomplishments have earned me recognition from various institutions such as Oracle, Cisco, and Huawei Academy. The title of the 2019 Cybersecurity Champion from Cisco Academy is a source of pride for me. Additionally, my contributions have earned me the distinction of being the Best Trainer in Huawei ICT competitions for consecutive years in 2018, 2019, and 2022. Furthermore, I am humbled to have been featured in the Oracle Members Spotlight in February 2023 for my expertise and ability to inspire, nurture, and mentor young talents. As an unwavering advocate for capacity development in young professionals, I am dedicated to empowering ISOC community members through various initiatives. My commitment extends to contributing to the growth of the ISOC (Internet Society) community in Kenya and worldwide. Through mentorship and continuous support, I actively shape the future of the industry while promoting the development and security of the internet. In my role as an ISOC Trustee for the Internet Society of Kenya, my mission is to provide valuable advice to the executive, champion the growth of the internet within the community, and help build greater capacity. During my tenure, I am committed to serving with dedication and leaving a lasting impact on the ISOC community.

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